Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review: Brief (Case) Encounters by Alexander Hammond

I found myself gritting my teeth as I nearly punched the "buy now with one click option" to have Hammond's Brief (Case) Encounters delivered to my kindle. I think the reaction may have had something to do with not having time to spend all night reading this title... something I knew I would (and did) wind up doing once I bought it.

I thought I would be disappointed because this title is a non-fiction account based on the true life shenanigans the writer always seems to find himself in during his international business trips doing...whatever it is he does, because I happen to be a huge fan of his fiction.

I was not disappointed. This book is quite simply, one of the funniest f###### assortment of cracked out tales I've ever read. If you decide to set sail on this journey with Hammond, prepare to engage in the side-splitting, knee jerking laughter that only a Brit with a wonderfully offensive, dry sense of humor can give to you. Briefcase Encounters is a wild, and often stupid ride that will leave the reader gasping for air and asking "what the f###" or "poor f###### bastard." Read this, and I think you'll agree, Hammond houses a mastership for weaving fantasy worlds and he can also make you laugh until you wet yourself.

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