Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Review: Thyme in a Flask

Any fans of fantasy will enjoy reading Glen Quarry’s Thyme in a Flask. This novel is a fantasy novel geared for the young adult reader; and tells the story about seventeen year old Jon Chandler. The conflict of this novel arises when Jon, a blacksmith apprentice is charged with a magical quest and the seemingly ordinary world around him falls away. Aided by the feisty Dorthea and his best buddy, Samuel (who happens to be an eight foot giant) Jon finds himself in a parallel universe where they must find a magic flask in order to get back to normal.

The pacing of this novel is good and the author’s writing is easy to read, which everyone can appreciate. My favorite character is Dorthea because I love relationship conflict, and this character gives us the goods. I also love the magic and the sense that the world really is warping around all these characters. The writer did well with creating an alternate sense of reality.

I recommend this read for any fans of magic, fantasy creatures, and paranormal elements. 

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Vamchoir said...

Regarding the relationship conflicts ... was any of it self imposed? I can appreciate conflict if the main character is not the one creating it ... and especially if she is actively trying to resolve it.

When I'm reading, it always troubles me when the main character is just an idiot creating chaos and then whining about "why doesn't anybody love me?" LOL.

Natasha Larry said...

LoL. It isn't so much actual conflict if that makes sense, it's more that Dorthea challenges the main character...Jon. Good conflict, he's better for it.

I like all my women characters that way, lol. I do love your comments. =)