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Welcome Guest Blogger Jamie Magee: Author of the Insight Series

I met Jamie Magee through Book Blogs and she requested a review of her book, which I am VERY excited to read. I asked for her to be a guest here at Paranormal Wire and she was awesome enough to indulge me. 

It is an honor for me to be here today! I’m quite sure that Insight had the most silent book launch in the history of publication. It isn’t that I have a lack ambition( at times I’m sure I have too much!), honestly I was just shy. Insight is not only my debut novel; it is my debut to writing as a whole. The only way I found the courage to open a word document in the first place was by promising myself over and over again that no one would ever read it – so it didn’t matter if it was good or bad. Once my first draft was finished I had to force myself to take the next step and let my close friends read my story.  Their response was overwhelmingly positive, and they encouraged me to let others see my work.
I made a decision to take the steps to present Insight in more professional manner. At times it seemed like a dream, that something would happen, or someone would say the words that would stop me from displaying Insight for the world to see. That moment never came and before I knew it, Insight was being read by not only people outside of my home state, but my country. It was clear to me at that point that I had jumped off a figurative cliff and I could either fall silently to ground, or learn to fly. Thankfully I have found amazing bloggers like Natasha to help me reach out to the vast sea of dynamically beautiful readers like you in this world. (Thank you Natasha!)
When I first began writing, I was told that if you chose to write in first person your story must reflect an element that you have a true fascination, or passion for – if you do not do this your story will never flow they way it should. That was one of the most powerful pieces of advice I have received in my career as a writer, and I took it to heart. I have several fascinations so my problem then was to choose which ones to weave into my plot.
One of the elements I chose was the Zodiac. Let me be clear, my characters do not aimlessly read their horoscopes looking for direction from the heavens above. They believe (just like me) that the zodiac simply outlines characteristics of our personality – that in the end our fate lies in our choices, not a path that has already been decided.
When I was researching the Zodiac I found myself falling deeper in love with science. I read in one book that at the time and place( latitude & longitude) of our birth the planets are aligned in a pattern. This pattern is not repeated for over four million years – that because the universe moves with each moment even twins do not have the same pattern. This notion takes the idea that we are all unique to a whole new level!
Most of us know our sun sign – the sign that you read when you look up your horoscope, which is fascinating in its own merit. I discovered that Pisces are peaceful poets, that usually have sensitive feet (odd I know), that when Aquarius listen to music they hear the instruments long before they hear the lyrics (complete opposite of myself), that Taurus’s are known for their beautiful voice, and that Scorpios are known for their striking gaze, and often display a calm demeanor even though on the inside their emotions and thoughts are dancing in every direction. I could go on and on just on the topic of our sun signs but I’ll stop myself here.
Beyond the sun signs I looked into the moon signs. The moon sign reflects how we feel on the inside – how you react before you even realize what you’re doing. The combinations of the sun and moon signs helped me develop the insights of the main characters Willow and Landen. Willow’s sun sign is Scorpio and her moon sign is Leo. This combination gives her the ability to perceive emotions easily. Landen’s sun is in Pisces, his moon is in Virgo – this gives him the ability to see truth, meaning it is impossible to lie to him. I’m sure each of you have met someone in your life that seems to have these abilities – as an author I simply enhanced what was given to them naturally, giving them the tools they needed to face each adversity in their path.
Without a doubt the one thing that fascinates me more than any science is love. As human beings we have a capacity to love without reason it can not only create life – it can destroy it. I realize that the idea of soul mates can be far fetched to some. It is also easy for me to understand the point of view that only being complete when you find your soul mate robs you of your individualism.
My intent in when I created this love story was convey how we are all strong on our own, but when we find that person that understands us so clearly that we never have to explain our actions we are not only strong we are indefinably fearless. Begin fearless allows you to trust when there is no reason to. It gives you the capacity to see what is not clear, and step into the darkness with your head held high.  
The element of soul mates at first glance may give you the idea that this story will have a fairy tale ending that every piece will fall into place and somewhere in time Willow and Landen are living their happily ever after. I will confess today that it is not entirely true. Insight is the first book in a series that is planned to stretch across ten books. At this point in time three are complete and the forth is underway. The path before my characters twists and turns, yet finds away to weave together the elements I love so dearly – the idea of soul mates, and the Zodiac.
It truly has been a joy sharing Insight with my readers. I can only cross my fingers and hope that each of you fall in love with Willow and Landen as passionately as I have.
Until we meet again ~ Jamie Magee

Check out this awesome writer's website at: Jamie Magee for more info on this series, and come back here for a review of the first book!

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