Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review: Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story by Jamie Wasserman

Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story is one of my two favorite vampire novels on my kindle. This is actually the first vampire novel I added because I fell in love with the cover. I wanted to post a review so that if you haven't read this book, you can do so before the second title Blood and Moonlight is released in June-2011.

I'll tell you why I love this book before giving a brief summary. First of all, vampire e-books are overdone, and most of them are just like the one before it. This one isn't, it is a darker series and Wasserman is simply put-a great story-teller. There is something about his writing that makes it impossible not to enjoy this book.

Blood and Sunlight brings you into twenty-three year old, college drop out Melanie's haunting and disturbing world. Her life isn't that great anyway when she learns the truth about vampires...but not in the way you'd expect. After a whirlwind of possible evil threatens to wash away Melanie's last hopes to hang onto her fairytales...she finds salvation in a very unlikely place.

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