Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Review: Crank by Ellen Hopkins

I usually only review Indie titles, but as of late all I'm reading are the usual comics and the wonderful Ellen Hopkins. As a result, I wanted to review what I've been reading. Enjoy!

Burned was my first Hopkins and soon after completing this wonderful work of free verse poetry, I found myself immersed in Crank.

Ha, not in the way that you’re thinking.

I found myself pulled into Kristina Snow’s world with the opening lines of this novel:

Life was good before I met the monster. After, life was great. At least for a little while.
 The monster in this situation is the same one the novel is named for: Crank. Which I actually had to Google because I thought it was cocaine, when, in fact, it is meth.
 A summer spent with her absent father let the monster peek inside of Kristina’s bedroom. Despite this fact, I got the feeling she was already open to hitting rock bottom.

 Soon after her father introduces her to meth, she falls in love with a boy that convinces her to actually use. He says teenage boy shit like, meth will “make you want to make love to me.”

I can’t really say that Kristina’s first love was responsible for her subsequent downfall. Why? Because it was actually disturbing how willing she was to try the drug.

Then she does it again…

And again… gets raped, experiences true love for a short time, which seems to become null when she gets pregnant by the rapist and decides to keep the baby.

Good news is: she does quit for Hunter (her son)… but Hopkins gives you the eerie feeling that she isn’t done with her real love. As Crank comes to an end you can feel the itch along with Kristina.  

She uses again and her sordid story is continued in Glass, which I did read and will review for you all at some other time.

All in all, every living person should read Hopkins. Her writing is simplistic and speaks volumes. Not easy to do. She is a master at what she does.


Ellen Hopkins said...

Thanks for reading, Natasha! And thanks for the great review.

Natasha Larry said...

:) Eeeeek. So cool. =)