Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another stake in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Comics

Hi all. Well I decided to take a break from more serious writing concepts and ideas to get back to my love of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. In particular the next 3 volumes of Season 8 I read, 5-7 but first these messages.

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Ok so as you know I loved Buffy when it was on TV and I enjoyed the ending. The comics pick up where the show left off and these three finally reveal who the big baddie is this season, mysterious "Twilight".

Volume 5: Predators and Prey, this was a fun volume. A clever idea (and one that would probably happen if vampires were real) for vampires to become popular and slayers to become hated. I love the "Andrew" character, used to be evil, now works for Buffy and super Geeky. It was also fun to have Harmony back, for an evil vampire she is always good for a few laughs :)

Volume 6: Retreat, another excellent entry in the series. Buffy and the gang decide they have to use less magic (which is tough when your powered by demon energy ;) and go to hide out in Tibet with Oz (the Seth Green werewolf character). One of the best parts of this comic for me has been that Joss can bring back all the characters, Faith, Giles, Andrew, Spike, Oz, Dawn, Willow they all make appearances. So Oz has found a way to give his power to the earth and Buffy and the slayers (along with Williow and the magic users) do the same. Twilight finds them anyway and with no magic they fight a traditional war with tanks, guns and torpedoes! (you'll have to read it). Also Dawn and Xander finally get together and Buffy gets superpowered.

Volume 7: Twilight. Okay I can see what people were talking about when they said the story starts to go downhill. This has some strange stuff in it. I didn't mind the fact that Twilight was Angel, he's done some bad stuff as Angel (not Angelus) before but it's not explained how he became "invulernable" and having a whole issue focusing on Angel & Buffy having sex was odd (though stimulating of course :) Making Buffy & Angel "gods" of some sort and Adam and Eve, well it's something that never would have been shown on cable TV and is not one of Joss' best ideas. Despite that I still enjoyed this volume and was glad to see Spike come back, I'm looking forward to reading the end of Season 8.

On a technical note I have to praise all of the artwork, these volumes looked fantastic and overall I would certainly reccomend it for any Buffy fans. So until next week dear readers I am . . .


Penumbra Publishing said...

Joss is one clever creative dude. Firefly's my fav...


Natasha Larry said...

For some reason, I never really got into Buffy. I tried the show... but it seemed silly, although I do LOOOVE Joss. Well, not that whole Dollhouse thing... no idea what that was about.

Charles O'Keefe said...

Never got into Buffy, or Dollhouse! What kind of Joss fan are you then? ;) Seriously Firefly was brilliant, for less than one season I loved every episode. I liked Dollhouse too, I think Angel past season 2 was crappy. He should have done a Spike show :-)