Monday, January 2, 2012

TUESDAY TIPS AND TIDBITS - Free Kindle Tuesdays in January

Every Tuesday in the month of January, we're offering a free Kindle copy of the novella, VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD, by Walter Knight, author of the popular humorous military sci-fi series AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION.


Amazon customer Victor Standish had this to say about VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD... "This is my new favorite read. I laughed. I cried. Ah, that last when my ghoul friend, Alice, smacked me on top of my head for ignoring her while I was reading it. This book will brighten whatever day in which you read it. You will not regret reading this one. Walter has done it again, Victor Standish (I'm borrowing Roland Yeomans' computer to do this.)"

Fellow author Natasha Larry had this to say about VAMPIRE IN THE OUTFIELD... "I can say that I gobbled down this story. I'll go ahead and say this is some of the best vampire fiction I've read in awhile. Now, is it serious vampire fiction? Absolutely not, and that was the point. It was also why I loved it. I think I laughed through the entire thing. Vampire in the Outfield is about a young man who wants to play baseball more than he wants to do anything else. The only thing is...he isn't very good...hence the steroids. Then he comes across a hot piece know...and she turns him into a vampire. Now he has to deal with that age old question....can vampires play baseball? Well, yes they can...still, it is a bummer...being a vampire and not being able to pose for all those publicity shots. After all, vampires have no reflections. He doesn't fly or sparkle either...and now, he has to take on the evil empire, namely, the New York Yankees. Vampire in the Outfield is a brilliant, tongue in cheek comedy about the world of vampires and baseball. It is quick and satisfying, which is a rare combination, and as such I am recommending it to anyone that has a sense of humor."


by Walter Knight
Fiction, humor, vampire

New humorous paranormal novella in ebook from the author of AMERICA'S GALACTIC FOREIGN LEGION series. A young man who just wants to play baseball in the major leagues ends up going to some questionable extremes to get his wish. A humorous look at baseball, vampires, and the Evil Empire (the New York Yankees) in a future where scouts will sign just about anybody – human or otherwise – if they can hit and play ball.

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