Monday, December 5, 2011

TUESDAY TIPS AND TIDBITS - A Young New Author on the Rise

Writing well is difficult for most people. For many it takes years of training and learning the nuances of language and storytelling to get it just right. Sometimes though, it seems like everything falls together and the writing comes easily. Especially surprising is when a very young author (in this case, a fifteen-year-old) writes something that is so well crafted, it reads effortlessly yet grips emotionally. THE NUMBERS by Aidan Watson-Morris is such a book.

Aidan Watson-Morris
Dystopian SciFi Futuristic
(Contains profanity - please visit our web site or Amazon to view an excerpt)


No laughing allowed – it shows personality, and personality is forbidden. All that really matters is training. Training to excel, training to kill, training to die in the service of one’s country.

For the last several years, that’s what Eleven has been taught. But at fourteen, he’s tired of training at the military camp where’s he’s spent most of his life. He hates it, but he has no choice.

Orphaned at four, after the Life Act was passed, he became one of the unwanted children the military took to train and transform into elite soldiers. With this superior killing machine, the military discouraged future global conflicts following the Middle East Conclusion. With the success of the Middle East Conclusion, Congress voted to allow the military even more power to maintain its elite killing force. As an elite, Eleven is property, a tool to be used in whatever fashion the military deems appropriate.

After a training accident climbing The Cliff, Eleven is injured. While recuperating, he is given an approved list of reading material, among which he finds something that is certainly not approved. And he discovers not everything – not everyone – is as he thought. Gradually he comes to realize there’s more to life than just training. And he wants that. He wants more. There’s just one problem. Lord, who runs the training camp, won’t allow it. Still, that doesn’t stop Eleven from obsessing about a life beyond the military, beyond The Cliff. The question is, just how far will Eleven go to get what he wants – to beat The Cliff?


Aidan Watson-Morris is a fifteen-year-old writer from the United States. He has had three short stories published in the award-winning Static Movement e-zine, and is also a regular contributor for the startup online new source Made of Awesome. Among his many literary influences are Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Joseph Heller, and J.D. Salinger. Find out more about Aidan at his web site...

Check out this book (click here) and read an excerpt. Available now in ebook and soon in print.


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