Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get Ready for the Birthday Bash of Authors K.C. Neal and Natasha Larry

Tommorrow starts the birthday bash of Nala and Neal. What's up for grabs? Awesome things from Nala and Neal. Fun fact of the day. Jaycie Lerner and K.C. Neal were both born on December 8th-before I knew who she was.

I arrived 3 days later. This is why being ruled by Jupiter is awesome.

The only sign adored by all other signs in the zodiac. Why? Because even our lack of tact is logical. ;) We demand generously. We are honest with good humor. Did I mention our luck is contagious?

December 8th-K.C. Neal's Birthday-Giveaway Announcement and Pyxis Love HERE
December 11th-Natasha Larry's Birthday in K.C. Neal's Blog: Here


Nova Sparks said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Penumbra Publishing said...



Liliana said...

Hey, I'm a Sagittarius too! :D Haha this is soo true :P

P.S. My fave color is pruple! :D

Natasha Larry said...

Hehe, my favorite color is purple as well. We rock ;)