Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: The Dome: Revelation by Nova Sparks

Well, I haven't done one of these in quite some time... yes, its book review time. Before I get into the important stuff, namely-what I think about this title, please enjoy this synopsis taken from Amazon.

Sam Tucker thought he was saving the lives of his fellow Coloradans when he rushed them and his family into an alien spaceship and away from a crumbling Earth. But given recent events...he was DEAD WRONG! With the brutal murder of his best friend and the equally mysterious series of events that preceded, he is absolutely sure that the race of aliens that have given the humans a home on their planet, are hostile. The Syrions want something from the humans and Sam is sure of it.

Emma Tucker didn't expect to fall in love with a Syrion boy and she definitely didn't expect for her life to be ruined because of it. After a group of dangerous Syrions found out about her involvement with one of their own, they made sure that she got the message to stay away. Living in fear inside of the Dome, Emma finds herself in the company of a human, Jason, a young man who seems to be everything Emma should want. But the more she tries to distance herself from a life she craves, the more the effects start to take its toll on her. Emma's changing and she doesn't know why. Working together with her father to discover the intentions of the Syrions, Emma realizes that the only way she can get answers about the fate of the humans is to risk everything.

the DOMErevelation is a heart pounding adventure of love, trust and self-discovery.

Continue the journey...Invade the truth. 


Now that we have that out of the way, I must say the first thing I liked about this book was that it starts with chapter twenty, which I found clever. Allow me to explain... this is the second book in The Dome Trilogy and the first book ended where?

Chapter 19! Ah-Ah-Ah!

Yes, its fun here-is it not? Anyway. I loved the second book in this trilogy a lot more than the first title. The first reason being that I didn't have to wait for it to start. While the opening in The Dome was lovely, I prefer this opening more because it strikes. Emma is still my favorite character, and I loved that Sparks showed her softer side a bit more in this title-although it did make the ending more heart wrenching for me.

I also found myself warming up to Sam a bit more. While I have always liked his character... I just liked him, but never felt any real connection to him. Kudos to the author on that accomplishment.

All in all, the pacing is pefectly executed, the emotion leaps off the pages, and the ending is pulse pounding. Trust me, when you get this you may very yell... "Oh, come on! WTF!"


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Nova Sparks said...

I heart you too much! Thanks a lot for this review, Larry! Means a lot coming from you!

Natasha Larry said...

You are MORE than welcome =)