Saturday, October 8, 2011

Paranormal Wire Spotlight on Author Kirsten Fay

Natasha Larry here sharing a sneak peak from Paranormal Wire's first newsletter set to come out in....

So, I asked Rainy Kaye to suggest a few indie authors to feature in this newsletter. She suggested Kirsten Fay, an author I am currently reading. I asked Kirsten why she self-published and this is what she had to say.

I look before I leap, and I pondered self-publishing vs. traditional publishing for a long time. I researched the pros and cons, talked to people in the industry, bought books, etc.  To illustrate my reason for self-publishing, in the best way I know how, here’s a little story:

Imagine that you love to paint. And whenever you can, you paint the things that you love most, like a tree, a bird, a fierce black unicorn with viscous fire-red eyes and smoke wafting from its snout…whatever you’re into.

Knowing that other people would love to buy your paintings, you submit them for mass production. After many long years, and countless submissions, someone gives you a contract with a reputable but small printing company. However, Mr. Johnson Boss Man says to you, “I don’t quite like the look of your unicorn. I think it should be green with pink and orange stripes.” And though you throw up in your mouth a little, you say, “yes sir, whatever you want sir.”

So you change your painting and resubmit. Mr. Johnson Boss Man says, “much better. Now, my production team is going to put a leopard print frame around it, add in all of our names to the credit, and take 95% of the profit. Why don’t you run off and start promoting?”
O_o “Say what now?”

 Anyway, I self-published because I like my unicorns black.

Review by Seeing Night Reviews
I haven't read a good science fiction fantasy with some awesome steamy romance in a long time; Demon Possession was a great debut for author Kiersten Fay.

The story starts off with a bang, the lead female character Analia is trapped on a ship that she calls The Hell Ship. And she is right, used and enslaved on the ship by its horrible captain Analia will do anything to get away. Luckily a merchant ship comes in and become her only way out of the hell.

This ship is far different than the one she has lived on most of her life. The crew is cheerful and the captain...oh the captain is downright sexy. Sebastian is from a demon race where the males have horns and females have tales. He is every bit a good captain but his temper is always up and down and even more so with the sudden appearance of Analia.

The characters are so entertaining a really well written, each with such different personalities that everyone will connect with them. There is humor, action, and different alien species and of course some really hot romance.

The captain not only has his crew but his brother and sister along for the ride as well. Sonya and Cale are key characters to the first book and I know will be even more in the second. Sonya is spunky and tough as nails, where Cale can take down anyone with just a look. Loved these too.

The romance...Oh wow. Can I just say the scenes between Analia and Sebastian were not only steamy, they made you blush, smile, and wish you were in Analia shoes. Sebastian is smoking and Analia is a whole bundle of desire for him. I liked the chemistry and bickering, got to have a bit of drama between the two leads.

Overall this was a great book, defiantly will recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal romance, romance, and science fiction fantasy. Kiersten Fay is an author that everyone should be watching out for and getting her book.