Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review: The Dome by Nova Sparks

I'll start out this next book review by confessing that this author is one of the best people I've encountered online. I adore and am inspired by her on an almost daily basis.  Now,  if you're convinced this review will be biased, please take a moment to get over it.  I'm a total professional here...

Moving right along, I really enjoyed reading this book. The plot is active, engaging and outside the realm of what is happening in the real work, which I always appreciate. My favorite part of The Dome is the opening, even though it is not actually, the best part of the novel. Why? Because the author engages the reader right from the beginning. I appreciated knowing that I'm not wasting my time right away. This is one of the books I received free from the author and brought a copy just because, I have a habit of buying books I like....

Well hell, only gave it four stars on Amazon... 

The Dome could have very well received five stars from me, and the only reason I didn't go there with this author is because more could have been done with the editing. The author needs to simply tighten up her writing as to not risk losing the reader, and five stars it will be.  At times, the writing was a tad confusing and I'd have to go back and re-read a passage to follow the story.

Brief synopsis time: The Dome is a science fiction/urban fantasy romance that tells the story of Sam Tucker, a character that starts getting visions of Earth's demise. He is then saved by aliens and naturally starts to question why.  Then there is Emma, who, when introduced to the reader was incredibly bored and in need of change at the time of her planet's demise.  Now she finds herself having to adjust her earth girl behavior. 

I highly recommend this book for any science fiction/urban fantasy junkie.

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