Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review: Embody by Jamie Magee

I recieved an early digital ARC copy from the author and squealed in excitement at the time...but we're talking about the second book of the Insight Series, not how much a dork I am, so moving on...

Let me just get my opinion out of the way, because that's what you really care about. I was nervous reading this one because the sequel has to be better, and I knew it would be hard to top Insight. Let's just say I'm not worried anymore about the third book in this series living up to the first two, because this author just has it. 

Alright, a brief synopsis..

Willow, who I just love even more now after reading Embody learns more about her past lives and her relationship with Landen is jeopardized in this process. To top it all off with, Willow (my second favorite Scorpio after my father) must face Drake again...which means admitting to herself that in a past life, she did love him.

Sigh, this book is edgy, action packed, full of alternate dimension romance and as such, is a must read. 

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