Friday, April 13, 2012

Ebook Giveaway: Particle Horizon by Selso Xisto

“From the blood and dust of New Jerusalem, the Legion of the LightBringer wages a galactic war against those who would replace their god. Now, the time has come for the Union of Free Worlds to make a stand. The front line is the idyllic asteroid world of Angelhaven, where the greatest mind in human history has discovered an elemental power with far-reaching implications. A power that both sides will do anything to harness.

Marine commander Gomes leads the crack Union task force. An unrelenting warrior driven by revenge and a need for answers, he hides a strange ability neither science nor religion can explain. Outnumbered ten to one and stalked by a mysterious nemesis, he will need the help of people willing to make unspeakable sacrifices to unravel Angelhaven’s secret.As the Legion invasion begins, unknown eyes watch with interest..."

Author Bio:
By day, I’m a creative/editor/promo producer for Turner Broadcasting in London making promos for Cartoon Network across europe… By night, I travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, imagining exploding asteroid colonies and alien civilisations and dreaming of how to share these adventures with like-minded people. Which is a rather pretentious way of saying ‘aspiring novelist’. I’m not doing this for money, only love of hard SF and space opera. I’m greatly influenced by the amazing works of Peter F Hamilton, Arthur C Clarke, Greg Bear, Stephen Baxter, Yukinobu Hoshino and many, many others I can’t remember right now. I think I’d describe my writing style as fast-paced, gritty and fairly action-packed. Having said that, I love to delve into the big questions of the universe, religion and mind (though I’m certainly no physicist), question what it is to be human, and hopefully, just tell a really riveting story against an epic canvas. I’ll let my readers (whoever you may be!) judge whether I’ve succeeded! I’ve just finished editing my first novel and long-term labour of love, an epic science fiction novel called ‘Particle Horizon’. We follow the stories of an ensemble of characters from different sides and perspectives of a galactic conflict as their adventures intertwine. The galactic Rubicon has been crossed…

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Walter Knight said...

Congratulations on your April 8th launch. I'm checking you out on Amazon and see your book is selling already. Good job.

I love a good shoot-em-up military science fiction novel. Military science fiction has become a bit of an underappreciated niche market that begs to be filled by new authors such as yourself.

Selso Xisto said...

Thanks for your support!

Natasha Larry said...

Anytime, my dear. I can't wait to do your interview.