Friday, April 27, 2012

A CONventional Experience

Hi everyone! :)

I know you've missed me as it's been quite a while. In my defense very shortly after my last post my book came out and I have been in a whirlwind of promotion & selling activities (and I am married with a day job as well). Speaking of as always to start these messages.

Shameless plug: My book The Newfoundland Vampire is now available from the fine folks (Pat in particular :) at Penumbra Publishing and Tasha’s books (I've read both and highly recommend) are also out now.

This past weekend I finally got a chance to sell my book in person at Sci-Fi on the Rock VI (if you haven't been a Geeky Con before I HIGHLY recommend it, a lot of fun). As I've already talked about my personal experiences/feeling on this on my blog I'll move on now to how selling your book at a Con can benefit you as a writer.

First off while it's great to have books selling online (and the eventual paycheck that follows, which I'll have in a few months :) there's nothing like the satisfaction and immediacy of selling your book to someone in person, signing it and getting cash in hand. Connecting with a potential fan and convincing them to give your book a try is a great thing and I particularly loved when one guy came back to get another copy =) but I'm off topic already. 

As a writer you benefit right away by seeing the tables that other authors and publishers have set up. For me while I noticed that mine looked perhaps a little better than the guy next to me (who was really nice, I'm not putting him down, just making an observation) it still was amateur compared to the table of D.C. Rhind or Engen Books. (though in my defense they obviously put a lot more time, effort and money into their tables and had multiple books to sell). 

Otherwise it was great to sit next to another author (Scott Bartlett) who lives here in Newfoundland. He gave me lots of great tips on local promotion and places to sell. He was even nice enough to buy a copy of my book before he left (I bought his on Amazon as I'm getting into Ebooks :) I also got to meet a book reviewer (who I'm hoping to hear back from) and a guy from the Newfoundland Writer's Alliance (who strongly suggested that I join and I will). 

Finally it was also wonderful to give a talk on writing/publishing/vampire fiction and my book in particular. Even doing a excerpt was a lot of fun and I got some great questions that made me think about my book and about how I should do my talk in the future. If you've never been a guest or had a table at a local convention I'd highly recommend it. I'll be doing another one the end of September (Atlanti-Con) which you can read about here.

Well I've got lots of promotional stuff to do. Have a great day everyone, until next time dear readers I am..

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