Thursday, April 5, 2012

Casting Call for Darwin's Children: The Dey-Vah Guard and a Minor

Yay! It's that time again. What time? Time for me to keep picking my dream cast for the characters in Darwin's Children. As I disclaimed last week, I only do this for fun. =) Today I want to cast two members of the Dey-Vah Guard, actually, the only two  important ones.

This one was hard to do... 

Lucy of the Dey-Vah Guard. Okay, I only picked Megan Fox because she has that crazy look in her eyes and she's wearing red in this photo. =) Well, Lucy is nuts, and often wears red. Picture her with wings, and pointed ears. Yes? No?

Michael of the Dey-Vah Guard! I figure if Allison's going to be running around with a fairy, he better be really hot. ;) For the ladies.

Alright, those are the only two fairies important enough to cast. This week, as an added bonus, I want to cast another of my supers, Steven Fowler from Unnatural Law.

Steven Fowler! The adorable and geeky technopath. I've always loved Glee, and think Daniel Criss would be great.

Next week I will cast some more characters from Unnatural Law and maybe even a new character from the next installment, Common Descent


Walter Knight said...

Sorry, but I'm having trouble making eye contact with Megan.

Natasha Larry said...

LMAO. Shame on you, Walter ;) That one is for the fellas.

Charles O'Keefe said...

Hi Tasha :) Some more good pics. I don't like "Glee" but I agree Steven Fowler would probably be good (as long as he didn't sing while he built stuff).

Megan Fox, well she has the look. I really don't think much of her acting but I guess that's not why you picked her? ;)

Taylor Kitch? I not sure I've ever seen him in anything. He's for the ladies anyway.

Another fun post, keep 'em coming! =)

Natasha Larry said...

Yeah, I'm not a Megan Fox fan, lol. Actually, I'm not really a huge fan of any of these picks, I might need a do-over ;)