Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who can it be now? Vampires in disguise

Natasha Larry is enjoying my posts (Thanks Tasha!) and since I also have a few fans I'll keep doing them :) Today I'd like to talk about the idea of stolen idenities and dopplegangers (and of course vampires) but first these messages ;)

Shameless plug: My book The Newfoundland Vampire will be on in April 2012 and Tasha’s books (the second one I’ve read and highly recommend) are out now. Tasha also recently said on Twitter she completed book 3 and I'm working away on book 2 of mine, so expect lots from both of us in the future.

The idea of stolen idenity is not a new one. I first saw the film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" many years ago (scared the crap out of me then, still creepy now). For my novel I decided to twist the idea and give vampires the ability to change their apperance. Since vampires can also read minds (and for mine access your whole life when they drink your blood) they can easily impersonate someone they kill and take over their life.

As humans one of the things we value most is our uniqueness as the dominant creature on earth and the fact that we are different from anyone else. The idea of having your body, your mind and your life stolen is an inherently terrifying one. For me of course this leads to great dramatic possibilites in my book.

Once the reader knows vampires exist then the main character Joseph (who is basically me) wonders who in the world is a vampire? Celebrities? Historical figures? Politicans? World leaders? His best friend?

Even more disturbing could some of the most evil murderers still be alive and look like someone else? Who is really in charge of the world? Can he ever trust his own creator? Some of these questions are addressed in my book while others are left hanging for future volumes. While many people have experienced stolen credit card numbers and idenity theft (I've experienced the former and it is a real nusicance) the concept of your whole life stolen truly horrifies. Another person/vampire who could quite literally take your place in every way is the kind of thing I think about and the kind of dilemma Joseph must consider in my novel.

Until next week dear readers, keep a hold of your idenity, you never know who might be watching you ;)


Penumbra Publishing said...

Great post Charles! You're right, losing yourself in any way is holy-crap scary.


Charles O'Keefe said...

Thanks Pat :) I agree literally having your whole identity taken is horrifying. I'll do a new post this week.