Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sorry, not much of a blog post, and what there is ... is late. We're taking a little time off, and ringing in the new year early! (Bottoms up!!!)

Just a note to let you all know that THE TIDE CHANGERS, a new middle-grade sci-fi ocean adventure by Sandy Green, is now available in print and ebook too.

by Sandy Green
Middle-grade/juvenile fantasy fiction
Underwater discovery, ocean adventure, hidden civilization

Ever since Ford Kahr's dad went missing three years ago during a dive expedition near their home at Cape Lore, New Jersey, Ford's been afraid of the ocean. His older brother Jag is a junior swim champ, and his younger sister Mercedes has a mystical connection with the water. So why does he sink like a rock when he tries to swim? When Ford's brother Jag swims out to investigate the disappearing island past the jetty and suddenly has trouble keeping his head above water, Ford and Mercy have no choice but try to save him. And that's when Ford makes a startling discovery about himself and Mercy...

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Also coming soon, a new vampire novel from the author of the wildly popular BLOOD AND SUNLIGHT, Jamie Wasserman's, HOLDING BACK THE DAY...

by Jamie Wasserman
Vampire horror fiction

Claire's best friend and inspiration is her courageous and forthright grandmother Millie. Claire wants to be like her, but that's not such an easy task. When a charismatic boy named Jack comes to town, Claire realizes there's more to her grandmother than she'd ever guessed. Millie's harboring a big secret, and Claire suspects that secret is perennially mysterious Jack.

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