Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview and Giveaway With Author Nova Sparks

Sam Tucker thought he was saving the lives of his fellow Coloradans when he rushed them and his family into an alien spaceship and away from a crumbling Earth. But given recent events...he was DEAD WRONG! With the brutal murder of his best friend and the equally mysterious series of events that preceded, he is absolutely sure that the race of aliens that have given the humans a home on their planet, are hostile. The Syrions want something from the humans and Sam is sure of it. 

Emma Tucker didn't expect to fall in love with a Syrion boy and she definitely didn't expect for her life to be ruined because of it. After a group of dangerous Syrions found out about her involvement with one of their own, they made sure that she got the message to stay away. Living in fear inside of the Dome, Emma finds herself in the company of a human, Jason, a young man who seems to be everything Emma should want. But the more she tries to distance herself from a life she craves, the more the affects start to take its toll on her. Emma's changing and she doesn't know why. Working together with her father to discover the intentions of the Syrions, Emma realizes that the only way she can get answers about the fate of the humans is to risk everything.

the DOMErevelation is a heart pounding adventure of love, trust and self-discovery. 

Continue the journey...Invade the truth.

Q: Who are you, and why should readers read the rest of this interview?

My name is Nova Sparks and I'm a sci-fi urban fantasy romance author. You guys should read the rest of this interview because I would be really sad if you didn't. And you wouldn't like me when I'm sad. I'll get big and blue and destroy your city. They call me The SULK maybe you heard of me.

Q: Tell us a little about the work you are here promoting.

Well, last time I was here, I was promoting my first book, the DOME, which is part one of the DOME trilogy. TODAY, I'm here promoting the second installment, the DOMErevelation. I'm super excited. The book basically picks up right where book 1 left off. If you read book 1, you'd know that it left off pretty hectic. There were a lot of questions in book 1 and the DOMErevelation answers a lot them. All the cool characters are back of course, Emma, Sam, Kris, Gregory, Ked (the alien lover), and introducing Jason! All of these people are working together to figure out what the aliens want from these humans. You've gotta read it! You've just gotta!

Q:  As a writer, do you have plans for world domination, or do you have a day job as well?

I really do want to dominate the world. It would only make sense. I have so much stuff that I do for work. I'm Mrs. Busy! But I always make time for my writing. I plan to be a bestselling author one day. Here's to hoping!

Q: Self-published, traditional, indie or part of an indie collective? If not yet published, what are you doing to make it happen?

I am PROUDLY self-published! This has been a rocky ride but it has been SOOOOO FUN! I've met some awesome people, man! And you're one of them, Natasha. Many of us are really supportive of each other. We pretty much know the deal with this industry and we help each other every way we can. I love it! Of course, I do hate it sometimes. But for the most part, I love it!

Q: How do you handle bad reviews? If you haven't had one...would you be willing to take part in a social experiment? Basically? Would you grant me permission to trash your writing, just to see if you cry? I wouldn't do that (don't worry)

I do enjoy a really good bad review. A review that points out specific issues in my book. But then again, I don't really consider those bad or negative reviews. I consider that constructive criticism. A BAD review would be someone who has no idea why they don't like my book, the just don't like it. They can't explain why. Those things are slightly irritating, but I remember that everyone has their own opinion.

Q: Are you nervous yet and do you prefer white or wheat bread.

You make me nervous all the time. But that has to do with my strong feelings for you, sweetie. ;-) And as far as bread goes, I've discovered this bread that's white but with all the healthiness of wheat bread. That is sooo good.

Q:  Do you blog? If so, don't you wish you were as cool a blogger as I?

Yes I blog! And I do wish I were as cool a blogger as you! I heart your blogging skills, hun!

Q: What is your favorite creature, monster, or fantasy based thing you write about?

My favorite is ALIENS, of course! They are so flexible. You can do SOOO much with them. I feel like with some things like vampires, werewolves,'re kind of put into a box because sooooo many things have been done already. With aliens, you can do whatever you want and no one can say anything to you about how realistic it is because no one really knows about the existence of aliens or what they can really do. With those other things, they only exist in a realm of fantasy and because of that, certain rules have been formulated for you by various other artist, authors, etc... It becomes difficult to branch out of that without making them not seem like exactly what they are. If this makes any sense at all.

Q: Are you planning to give something away (if not, good luck getting anyone to read this thing) and if so, what are your demands for winning (I assume, your book because why else would you stop by?)

Sure! As soon as the DOMErevelation comes out on NOVember 30th, I'll give a free copy away to EVERYONE who leaves a comment at the bottom of this interview with their email included!

Q: Tick off a few indie authors you look up to.

HAHAHAHA! I'm going to leave this question alone!

Q: Are you, or are you not a douche bag? Heh, you don't have to answer that. That's just for my enjoyment.

I am a SUPER douche! But a douche BAG? You are going too far missy!

Q: Okay, where can people reach you on the web? 

the DOME is now on sale for 99 cents!

Every comment gets a free copy of the DOMErevelation:
Ends November 30th!


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I had no idea who this was because I only know you by your twitter name. BUUUUUUUUUUT, the MIL gave you away! :-)

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We definitely do! :-)


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Smashwords coupon ALL DAY! I love SMASHWORDS for that reason alone!

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