Sunday, November 6, 2011

Darwin's Children Alternative Cover Reveal

I'm very excited to announce that Unnatural Law is now available for purchase from all online retailers. To kickoff this happy day, we got Darwin's Children a brand new cover. First, let's take a look at the old one.

I still don't get why this horrified so many people. Of course, I have a very silly reason for why I like this book cover.

Now, a new cover for your judging enjoyment. Just in time for the ebook release of Unnatural Law.

 I think its softer on the eyes and the background reminds me of Jonesborough.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Have you ever purchased a book based only on the cover?

I can't believe this totally slipped my mind, but there is a special promotion for the ebook for the month of November. Get Darwin's Children only .99 cents.



Bunny Cates, said...

I love the new cover!!

Im not normally a "cover" buyer, but a cover will sure keep me from buying a book Im "iffy" on, if that makes any sense.

I think the only book I bought simply because of the cover was WITHER. Cover is amazing - the book, not so much. =D

LOVE LOVE DARWINs new cover though! So happy (and proud) for/of you!

Natasha Larry said...

Hey! Long time no talk to! Thank you for leaving me a comment. I was watching that reality show, Sons of Guns and I keep meaning to ask if you watch it.

=) So good. Glad you like the cover.

Rainy Kaye said...

I never disliked the old cover; I thought it captured the comic book inspired story inside.

And while I've never purchased a book because of the cover, a bad one can put me off from buying it.

That being said, the new one is has great color and depth. Love it.


Rainy Kaye said...

Not to mention, it looks like it belongs with Unnatural Law a lot better.

Natasha Larry said...

I purchase most books based on the cover... but I tend to read graphic novels more than anything else.

I almost didn't read Harry Potter because I hate the covers. Thank god for movies! =)

leah said...

i have absolutely bought a book based on its cover! got one with a redhead with her back to the camera once. and once purchased a book because it looked like queen elizabeth on the cover. oh, and i totally started reading a series because it had my favorite street in charleston in the title. i could go on and on. but what i really wanted to say was, love the new cover, got no issues with the first one! they are both beauties!

Natasha Larry said...

Bulls Gap! Reading that made me remember I once bought a book with Queen Cleopatra on the title-like a 700 page monster of a book.

I think I still have that thing at the bottom of a box somewhere. Heh.

Walter Knight said...

I love the first cover (Darwin's Children). It's hot.

In fact, from a marketing perspective, that same teen should be featured on "Unnatural Law" and your next book in the series because she is a brand that stands out and is remembered.

Just thinking out loud. Good luck, and keep writing.