Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview and Giveaway With S.L. Pierce

N.L. Who are you and why should readers read the rest of this interview?

S.L. Pierce and I are two stay-at-home moms who used to have power jobs; she, a PhD Chemical Engineer and I, the CEO of a newspaper. As much as we love and adore our children (who doesn't love diapers and sleep deprivation), we were both compelled to find a way to reconnect with the outside world at around the same time. S.L. had written several short stories and books that really impressed me. Her style is edge-of-your-seat thriller with a dash of kick-ass women. When she asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a book, I didn't hesitate.

Tell us a little about the work you are here promoting.

The Devil's Game is a thrill-ride through a young woman's experience of knowing she's being stalked, but feeling powerless to stop it. Rachel finds herself caught between running away to the safety of her home and facing the very real threat of a psychopath that stands between her and her dreams for the future. 

What sets it apart from other stalker books?  This question: Is your stalkers stalker your friend or your worst enemy? 

Who is really the stalker and who is the stalkee?  

 As a writer, do you have plans for world domination, or do you have a day job as well?

As alluring as world domination is, I'm going to have to leave that to Steve Jobs and Oprah. At least until I can afford to pay someone else to raise my kids (don't worry kids, you're extremely expensive to raise). My hope is that I can put some good entertaining stories out there that help provide the daily mental vacation we all need. Where would we be without our stories!

LMAO! Oh, great answer. “Save me Oprah…save me Tom Cruise.” Ahem… sorry about that, moving on…

 Self-published, traditional, indie or part of an indie collective? If not yet published, what are you doing to make it happen?

We self-published The Devil's Game through digital media outlets like Amazon, Barnes and Noble online and Smashwords. Self-publishing is about getting the word out through social media and book reviewing websites (like yours :) We are so fortunate to have found book reviewers who encourage the self-publishers of the world. Like the independent films of the 80s and 90s, I think the reader finds a candor and freshness in self-published work that's not readily available with the big boys. If it doesn't fit a predetermined formula, then it's almost impossible to find a home with a book publisher. Plus we get to keep a lot more of our money.

How do you handle bad reviews? If you haven't had one...would you be willing to take part in a social experiment and grant me permission to trash your writing, just to see if you cry? I wouldn't do that (don't worry).

I know authors always say they're completely fine with critical reviews. They're all liars. We all want love. But, unfortunately, if we don't hear the truth, we run the risk of trying to sell poo brownies at a bake sale. Much better to have stayed home. So please, bring it on. I'll break open a fresh box of Kleenex.

=) Are you nervous yet and do you prefer white or wheat bread?

I'm always nervous. My favorite Ashleigh Brilliant quote - "Please don't tell me to relax - it's only my tension that's holding me together." And is there anyone on the planet who actually prefers wheat bread?

 Do you blog? If so, don't you wish you were as cool a blogger as I?

I have a blog. And it's cool. { }. My latest entry is about adventures in daughter rearing. S.L.'s is really awesome too. She's always got fresh flash fiction (say that 3 times fast). Do you know someone who's always losing things? Check out Take 'Em Out

 What is your favorite creature, monster, or fantasy based thing you write about? If you write outside of this genre, please tell the readers about what you do write about.

I've always wanted to write a novel about time travel. It's my favorite sci-fi sub genre. Everything we say and do is based on previous experiences. I love the idea of jumbling them to make new realities. I'm also partial to mermaids.

 Are you planning to give something away (if not, good luck getting anyone to read this thing) and if so, what are your demands for winning (I assume, your book because why else would you stop by?)

Yes, we will be giving away a great book. Our demand is you leave a comment.  Any comment!

 Any advice for aspiring authors?

Don't get sucked into the idea that book publishers are God. I believe that the independent writer is the way of the future. How many times have you picked up a book and been perplexed as to why anyone would read it, let alone publish it? The readers are the ones who ultimately decide what books are worth reading and which authors are worth following. The internet cuts out the middle man and lets you publish your book your way. Your success or failure doesn't hinge on the opinion of some exclusive club that lives at least six months behind the times. It's based on your own hard work and determination, what you can accomplish. Isn't that the American Way? Stepping off soap box now.

 Tick off a few indie authors you look up to.

Well, J.A. Konrath, of course.  The big reason being he had a traditional publishing contract said “You know what.  I think I can do better on my own.”  And then did!  And then told everyone else they could do it too, if they work hard!  Along that same line is Barry Eisler who actually walked away from half a million dollars.  If that doesn’t say a lot about self-publishing, nothing does.

 Are you, or are you not a douche bag? Heh, you don't have to answer that. That's just for my enjoyment.

If by "douche bag" you mean spiting those around me for no reason other than my own personal pleasure, I would say absolutely not. At least not usually. Not unless they really deserve it. And I'm in a really bad mood. Or really stressed out. Could you repeat the question?

Sell your book, right now, to your host without once mentioning your book, blog or twitter handle.

What would you do if you lived alone in the big city and items began showing up inside your locked apartment... while you were there? We invite you to take a tour inside the mind of a modern psychopath, and dare you to figure out who that person is before the end of the story.

 All right, where can readers find you on the web?


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Oprah and Steve Jobs... so i think they both just gave up the world domination thing this year. lol :)
Steve job just today even. there is now an opening now if you change your mind.

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