Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview and Giveaway With Author Amelia James

 Who are you, and why should readers read the rest of this interview?

Amelia James, trashy romance author. Read this for fun. If nothing else, I’m good for a laugh. If you won’t laugh at me, who will? Er…with me.

Tell us a little about the work you are here promoting.

I have two contemporary romance novels: Tell Me You Want Me and Secret Storm. I also published an erotic short story collection: The Devil Made Me Do It and a paranormal romance short story: One Wild Night.

Tell Me You Want Me is a contemporary erotic romance. It’s flirty and fun, sexy and steamy.  It’s the story of two people who have a lot to learn when it comes to love and relationships. Austin Sinclair is a charming bad boy who has so many women he can’t remember their names. Jane Elliot is a career-oriented woman who desperately needs some fun in her life.

Secret Storm isn’t a sequel, but it takes place after Tell Me and it involves the same characters.  It’s darker than Tell Me, and it has more emotional depth and passion. Jack Wheeler is a man with a dark past, but he won’t let anyone close enough to help him deal with it. Sara Jensen is a caring, giving woman who jumps at the chance to help others, but she runs away from her own problems.

As a writer, do you have plans for world domination, or do you have a day job as well?

No day job, but no world domination plot. I just want to give readers a good time.

Self-published, traditional, indie or part of an indie collective? If not yet published, what are you doing to make it happen?

I am self-published scum!

Hey! When did the meaning of scum change to asset to the indie community? I must have missed that TPS report..

How do you handle bad reviews? If you haven't had one...would you be willing to take part in a social experiment and grant me permission to trash your writing just to see if you cry?

Vodka. ;) So far, my worst review was 3 stars. I haven’t read it. I know 3 stars isn’t awful, but it isn’t great. Go ahead and trash me. I like it. ;)

I would but then you might revoke my stalking privelages.. Are you nervous yet and do you prefer white or wheat bread?

No way. Your questions are cracking me up. Wheat.

Do you blog? If so, don't you wish you were as cool a blogger as I?

Yes. I am cooler than you. Hahaha. Kidding.

After reading that Erotic In A Cage Battle...I don't doubt that. What is your favorite creature, monster, or fantasy based thing you write about?

Badass heroes are my favorite fantasy creature. Yummy. I’ve written a couple vampire stories too. One is on my blog. Not sure if I’ll let the other one see the light of day (get it?).

 Are you planning to give something away (if not, good luck getting anyone to read this thing) and if so, what are your demands for winning (I assume, your book because why else would you stop by?)

Why, yes I am. Leave a comment for a chance to win a free trashy ebook.

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Never stop learning. And “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” ~George Eliot

Tick off a few indie authors you look up to.

S.M. Reine: she knows how to sell books. I need to pick her brain.
Al Boudreau: so supportive. He’s a big help to me.
Nova Sparks: energetic and creative.
Natasha Larry: I love her humor.
Eden Baylee: pure class.

Thank you for having a sense of humor? Are you, or are you not a douche bag? Heh, you don't have to answer that. That's just for my enjoyment.

You just never know. ;)

 Sell your book, right now, to your host without once mentioning your book, blog or twitter handle.

My trashy books are as addictive as porn (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and the sex scenes are hot enough to melt hard cheese (without being cheesy). So there.

 Alright, where can readers find you on the web?


Now...The Giveaway 
Paranormal Wire is giving away one copy of The Devil Made Me Do It today. I read this one and trust me...its steamy and the perfect read for erotic romance fans.

To Win
1. Leave a comment WITH YOUR E-MAIL PLEASE. Use the following word in a seductive sentence: GENUFLECT. 

2. Not required, but following my blog is always nice.
3. REQUIRED: Subscribe to Trashy Treasures I will check. 

This giveaway will end on August 5th. 


Amelia James said...

Thank you for posting this, Natasha. I had so much fun. Your turn on my blog is coming soon. I'm gonna getcha. ;)

ranaearnold said...

Cool interview! Amelia is a fun twitter friend and I love reading her stories! The teases she puts on her blogs leaves me gasping for more! You are an inspiration to me. I came out of my trashy closet and wrote trashier then ever! Keep writing! ~Ranae

Oh, do I put that funny word here?

In sweet genuflect, he nuzzled into her and with his teeth pulled and tugged on the lace of her thong.

Tina Toler-Keel said...

Loved reading your interview. It made me smile, laugh, and it also inspired me to keep writing. Love dealing with bad reviews with vodka. Will definitely keep that in mind. I look forward to reading your blog, now that I found it! Thanks for making a mundane day much better :)

Once I am finally published, my husband will genuflect in my presence because I am so damn awesome!

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

My husband will genuflect me as he knows that he will not get my cooking that so enjoys so very my...*S*

Am am a follower, and I signed up for your newsletter. I also Joined your site as your 100th person which at thought was pretty cool as I very rarely am anyone's 100 anywhere ....*S*
Thanks for the great interview and sharing a bit about yourself and your books.



Natasha Larry said...

Thank you for the great entries and for following! I am following you back Darcy!

Nova Sparks said...

Why is this my first time seeing this? So disappointed in myself!

GREAT INTERVIEW! Love the shout-out!