Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Paranormal Book Covers

Some books just have wonderful covers. The entire Harry Potter series and the Twilight books are iconic, thanks to teams of cover artists who were  able to come up with beautiful, inspiring images. At the same time, I'm getting really tired of books masquerading as Twilight, as well as the ever-present, shirtless male* with fangs grabbing some hapless female.

There are other beautiful covers out there, and I wanted to showcase a few of them today:

1. Silver Borne, by Patricia Briggs: The lovely girl, the mysterious background, and above all that beautiful tattoo make this book irresistible. I picked it up as soon as I saw it.

2. Darwin's Children, by our own Natasha Larry: Again, the beautiful girl catches my attention. But more than that - the look in her eyes tells me she has a fascinating story. Plus, I love the way the figure is backlit, making the girl glow in an eerie, powerful way.

3. Hunger, by Karen Taylor: 

I love the colors used on this cover. The black / red / white theme here is arresting, thanks to those lips and the  strange placement of the  lace. Those colors are overused in the paranormal genre, but this artist created something fresh with Hunger.

4. Ember, by Carol Oates:

This caught my attention because it's so different. There  are no entwined couples, no fangs, no dripping blood - the butterfly is perched on her finger so elegantly, and its colors are  picked up in the title text. Very arresting.

5. Infinity, by Sherrilyn Kenyon 

I thought this book did a nice job of showing a male character in a original way. The background suggests fantasy, and his pose shows that the story is dark. I'd definitely like to find out more about Nick, the male in the series.

How about you? What paranormal covers  do you find beautiful and original?

*Okay, maybe I'm not bored of shirtless males - especially you, Jacob Black:
Not too bored of this


Natasha Larry said...

The fourth one is my favorite.

Penumbra Publishing said...

Love this post ... I have been known to buy books simply because I loved the covers!


Natasha Larry said...

*Gasps* Naughty editor behavior....

Hehe, me too.