Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Supernatural Patience

So, I was watching television the other day in one of my few moments of leisure and a really good movie that I LOVE came on the tube.


Have you guys ever watched a movie after so long and wonder why the heck you ever liked it in the first place? The special effects weren't that good. I felt like I could see the strings that were moving things. But even after that, I still enjoyed the movie.

The musical score was just awesome and the acting was pretty on the money.

While I was watching, I couldn't help but wonder how many other movies have I seen "back in the day" that I thought were awesome then but could watch now and say... really?...and even after that, still think the movie is wicked?

I created a list...a rather short list...but still a list:

.In the Mouth of Madness
.Close Encounters of the Third Kind
.about half of the Hellraiser movie series
.Children of the Corn
.Village of the Damned
.the Exorcist
.the Prophecy (gotta love Christopher Walken...he's the bouncer at the door of my heart)
.What Dreams may Come
.A.I Artificial Intelligence
.the Thing

What are your "not so good but will always love" movies?

Nova Sparks




Penumbra Publishing said...

All-time favorite The Abyss. Even though the end concept was over the top, the acting, the interaction of the characters, was suspenseful and awesome.


Natasha Larry said...

"Christopher Walker is the bouncer at the door to my heart," LMAO! Love it. I still love the Excorcist after all this time. It still gives me the creepies.