Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Dome: Excerpt and Ebook Giveaway

I woke up to the sound of loud banging. Everyone was standing around where the sound was coming from. I was about to get up when Sam came over and put his hand on my shoulder.
“What’s happening?” I asked him. He didn’t answer me. He was starting to piss me off. I pushed past him and ran towards the crowd, pushing past everyone who was blocking my view. When I was close enough to see, I saw two men kicking on the door group two came out of.
“Calm down. We don’t know that yet!” A voice from inside the crowd said. The men ignored her and kept going. Another man ran up to one of them and tried to grab them away from the door but he was quickly pushed back and knocked onto his ass.
“What is going on? Don’t know what yet?” I asked a man who was standing next to me.
“They think we’ve been abducted by aliens. Another UFO nut, although I can’t say that I blame them. This whole thing just screams science fiction.”
It never once crossed my mind that we were on an alien space craft. Apparently I had missed a lot while I was sleeping. Somehow we went from concluding that we were being housed by the military to being abducted by aliens. “Does anyone have the time?” I asked, erasing my own thoughts. “5:27 am.” A woman said who was in front of me. I didn’t look up to see who it was. “Anyone from America have the time? Preferably from the west coast.”
“5:27” Brett said. He was standing next to me, sweating profusely. It wasn’t even hot in here. It wasn’t anything in here as a matter of fact. It almost felt like there was no temperature. Until I saw Brett, I hadn’t even realized the lack of anything in this room. It was starting to freak me out and so was Brett’s weird look in his eyes. I hated the way he looked at me. If he wasn’t married I’d swear he was trying to hit on me every time he’d ask me if I needed a ride to school. I hadn’t seen his wife around, not since this all happened. If she didn’t make it I’d expect Brett to be a lot more upset than he was. I started to walk back to my cot.
“You’re 18 now, aren’t you?” Brett asked me. I felt him inching closer. He was walking with me.
“Umm no. Not until a few months anyway. November baby.” I chuckled lightly, trying to hide the nervousness he always made me feel.
“Hm…too bad.”
            I couldn’t believe it. The world was ending, we were probably on some army or alien space craft, his wife was most likely dead, and he was trying to mack it to me inches away from Sam and my mom. This asshole had balls.
“Wait.” I stopped in my tracks and turned to him. “Did you say its 5:27?” I’d remembered Sam being obsessed with the time since we got to Crystal Peak. He’d kept asking Mark what time it was. I remembered because it annoyed me how he didn’t bother looking at his phone or ever considered buying a watch. I also remembered running through the woods and up the mountain listening to Sam scream at Mark to tell him the time. It couldn’t possibly be 5:27 in the morning still. Hours should have passed. I decided I needed answers and I needed them now.
“Sam.” I whispered so no one else could hear. “Why won’t you tell me what the fuck is going on here?” He looked up at me. He was lying down on his cot staring at his dirty work boots before I came over.
“Why won’t you call me Dad?
“Bullshit! I know you know something. All this seems a little too unsurprising to you. And while the rest of us are freaking out…you haven’t so much as blinked.”
“Emma. I know as much as the next guy. What would I possibly know? Nobody knows what’s going on and neither do I. This whole thing is beyond anything I can even fathom.”
“Okay. Can you at least explain to me why time has stopped?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Time, it’s stopped. Everyone, at least from our camp has the same time, 5:27am why is that?” I could tell I was finally getting to him. He lifted himself off the cot and looked at me. Before he could say anything, the lights turned off.
Everyone screamed. It was pitch black in the room. People must have been moving and trying to find their way around because I heard people falling over and cots sliding from side to side. The sound of everyone’s erratic breathing filled the room. I got down on my knees for absolutely no reason. It just seemed like a good idea. I automatically expected the worse and I guess I wanted to be out of sight when it started. We all heard a low humming sound and then the room became completely quiet. I grabbed onto Sam’s leg and trembled at his feet. A single blue light suddenly appeared on the ceiling and I could see my mom crouched down underneath her cot. The light grew brighter and brighter until it descended down in a thin beam.
For a few minutes it just stayed there. I got up off the floor and stood next to Sam. He grabbed me by my arms and called out to my mom. We heard the humming sound again. The blue light dimmed a little and then we heard a voice. The voice of a woman.

Syrion, from the planet SyriSyri that most closely simulates life on Earth. This will be your new home. Syri is dry and mountainous, similar to that of the Himalayan region of your Earth with a few flatland areas. Our planet is greatly divided by purpose. In our region, there is an entire section specifically utilized for residential purposes only, a separate zone for work which is also separated into units based on occupation, and a separate section for entertainment which includes goods purchasing, film centers and social centers. Our military area and Science/technology production center is appropriately placed far from civilization on the opposite side of our biggest mountain. Syri has two parts of the day. Because of our planet’s weak suns, our morning is equivalent to dusk on Earth, and night is exponentially darker than Earth‘s night. Seasons on Syri are similar to Earth but are more extreme. In winter it snow’s for 3 months. In summer, temperature’s reach an astounding 201 degrees. Spring means rain for us, but like winter, it rains the entire 3 months. Plant life on Syri is almost non-existent except for the many nocturnal 20ft shrubs on and around the mountains. Within these shrubs live poisonous snake-like creatures and large insects comparable to your spiders with a paralyzing bite. On the far side of the mountain, there are large, white, cat like creatures that prey on life source. In the case of humans; the heart. We may be different. But you are one of us now. Arrival time is approximately 30 minutes.
Transmission End.

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D.M. Mitchell said...

I think that if aliens invaded the planet humans would prevail. The reason why I think this is because we are masters of warfare and know how to destroy our own planet and fellow man pretty well. The aliens stand no chance against the brutality of the human race. Just my theory.

K.C. Neal said...

I think we'd be TOAST. But we'd go down fighting!!

Natasha Larry said...

LoL, you've both been entered into the contest, thank you for commenting! I agree with you K.C. total frickin toast, but we'd be a pain in the ass to take out!

Penumbra Publishing said...

If aliens had the technology to come and visit us, they'd also have the technology to assess our capabilities and beat our butts in any kind of battle. We can't stop fighting among ourselves, so we'd never be able to pull it together in time to come up with a winning strategy - unless we got them with a nasty virus or some other native ailment by accident.

Pat Morrison, Penumbra Publishing

(PS, don't knock somebody else out of the running with this entry!)

Nova Sparks said...

LOL Haven't you guys seen Battle LA? We would totally win. We got 6 super cool and good looking soldiers!

Or Signs? Aliens are deathly allergic to water.

How about War of the Worlds? The aliens can't breathe our air...lol

Penumbra Publishing said...

Yes all good saves. Good thing for humanity that aliens have these weird foibles. Ha.


Natasha Larry said...

I don't reckon I've seen any of those movies. I think the last alien movie I saw was Species?

Nova Sparks said...

Oh Larry, get with the times! lol

Wanda Ernstberger said...

If aliens invaded this planet, we'd be at the mercy of their superior technology. However, they would be brought to their knees by our diseases. It would give "going viral" a whole new meaning.

Natasha Larry said...

LoL, Nova. I don't usually do aliens.

Sheila Deeth said...

Fascinating excerpt! If aliens invaded--I'm not sure we'd even notice unless they wanted us to. Too good at keeping our eyes closed.

Nova Sparks said...

Natasha...don't do aliens? I've heard enough. We'll talk about this later!!!

Hey Sheila Deeth! Good point at us not noticing. They could be here right now...

*looks wide-eyed over shoulder*