Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Kevin Osondu

Title: Fast Forward: Into The Future
Author: Kelvin O'Ralph
Genre: Sci-fi/Romance/YA
Before Lucas turned eighteen, he had four goals:
Finish his novel
Publish his novel
Sell his novel and,
Get the girl of his dreams

It sounded pretty easy at the time

Now the girl is leaving
His book hasn't reached the desk of a publisher
and he has the gift of time travelling, which affects his social life.

Will Lucas use his gift to create his dream life, or will he watch his dreams fade?

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There are two signed copy of Fast Forward to be won. Entries must be residents of either USA, UK, Europe or Canada.
Timemline: 20th April 2011 - 20th May 2011

Author Bio:
Kelvin O'Ralph is currently studying at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He is an avid writer who loves to write Fantasy/Romance books. When Kelvin is not writing or going to university, you can find him in  his room reading or watching American TV series. He is a huge admirer of  Emma Watson, and hopes one day she gets to act as one of his characters. This is his first official release, and he has many more future projects coming soon. Stick with him while he takes you on a fairy tale you'd wish could be yours.


What inspired you to become a writer?
Sincerely, it was boredom. However, after writing my very first short story I showed it to friends and family, and they loved it. So this inspired me t carry on bigger projects; novella, and then novel. Also, I've always admired J.K Rowling.

Why should people read your book?
Any time I write, I write with passion, not thinking of becoming a best-seller but thinking of my readers and if they'd like the story and characters. For example, the story line in Fast forward is really compelling. I guarantee that when the reader finishes the book, he will close it with a smiley face.

Can you relate to any of the characters and why?
Hmm, I can relate to the main character, Lucas Taylor. He's an aspiring author like myself, and knows how to treat ladies.

Tell your readers something personal about you?
As it says in my bio, I admire Emma Watson, more than any lady in the world. Except my mum of course :)

How can one contact you?

Thanks to technology, you can reach me via my blog, goodreads, Facebook and twitter.

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